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Mystical Mermaid Waist Beads ( set of 2 w/ Jasper)

Mystical Mermaid Waist Beads ( set of 2 w/ Jasper)


Get in touch with your feminine energy.


Allow yourself to feel sexy in your skin but more importantly in tune with your body, with your womb.


More than we would like to admit, it is so easy to forget to show your womb some TLC, these beads were hand crafted with love and charged with reiki healing to specifically heal the feminine inside out.


You will notice yourself becoming more conscious of your womb/body. You will notice when you are eating or doing something that is not right for your body, or yourself, as the beads make you more aware of when you may be more bloated, or when you are losing inches.


In most tribes, young girls are given waist beads at an early age to make them more aware of their body and it's needs. We have gotten so far from this connection to ourselves, but it is beyond time that we return.


The beads are made to last ... however, can break due to absorbing the amount of negative energy it can take, reckless usage, or just flat out carelessness.


This is a journey to self love and in the event your beads pop.. do not get frustrated and quit.. get more. Keep it up.


Each piece is handcrafted with love and charged with reiki energy. 

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